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      I was born in Istanbul in 1985. After graduating from economy department, I worked in the textile industry for a while. Then I changed my business to tourism industry. Firstly, I worked for the team of Sales & Reservation at Eresin Hotels Istanbul for 2 years and then I worked at Dorak Tourism for 2 years as an Agency Reservation Representative. At the same time, I studied guidance at Cappadocia University then I've got my guidance license in 2017 and started to work as a Professional Tourist Guide. So now, I'm guiding my guests to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul.

      Meeting people from all over the world is the most enjoyable part of this profession. Visiting Turkey and Istanbul with my guests, explaining the places that we're visiting, providing an unforgettable experience and ensuring my guests to enjoy their tour are my favorite parts of my profession.

      I always do researches in my spare times and try to keep my knowlegde up to date.
      If you want to make a tour in Istanbul with me, please contact me.
      I look forward to meet with you and visit Istanbul together.

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